Why Blog

Why blog? With a million blogs, there are a million answers. More specifically, why am I blogging?

Partly because of the many, many blogs that I follow. They’ve helped me in my teaching in extraordinary ways. If I could help even someone, even a little, it would be a success.

Partly because I want to grow. I ask my students to reflect on what they learned during the day (or at least I try to) because I think it will help them internalize what they learned. If it’s good for them, it’s good for me.

Partly because I want to remember. Next year when I teach logs, will I remember what worked? Will I remember what didn’t? If I were more organized, I’d write sticky notes and put them all over my teaching notes about what did and didn’t work. That’ll be a long-term goal. It’s not happening right now. This is a starting point. Also, will I remember which students made me laugh?

Partly to connect. Connect with the MtBoS, and give back a little of what I’ve been given, as stated above. Connect with my best friend, who teaches far away in an entirely different set of circumstances, but who loves her kids just as much as I love mine. Connect with my extended family, who doesn’t get to hear my stories about the kids every single day. My kids are great, so clearly my family is missing out by not hearing about them!

Partly to write more. I’ve noticed that my word choice is becoming quite stale lately. I used to be better at this. I’d like to be better again.

What I will not do is commit myself to a blogging schedule. I’m not in this for money, and I’m not in this to build a giant audience. If I have nothing to say, I won’t try to fill the void. Silence is acceptable. No pressure!


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