One Good Thing: Outside!

Calculus meets early in the morning, but the sun is finally rising early enough that there’s light outside by the time class starts. It wasn’t raining today, and it isn’t yet an oven outdoors – in fact, today’s weather was perfect. So I told Calculus to grab their notebooks and calculators, and we had class outside. It was lovely. They also focused a lot better, which surprised me.

Oh, and a group of them positioned themselves right by the drop-off line. They showed this sign to all of their friends arriving for the day.

Calculus Outside 4

My precal classes saw them out there and wanted to know if we were going outside, too. One class voted to stay in, but the other voted to go out. It was so nice to spend two hours outside. Also, precal chose to spread out instead of working together, so I could go around one-by-one and answer questions individually and more or less privately. It worked pretty well.

In my off period, a student (who also has an off period then) chose to stay in my class and work. This is the second day in a row he’s chosen to stay. Today he mostly worked, but on Monday we talked while he worked- about video games, comic books, prom, girls, music, sports, you name it. It’s always nice to connect with kids, and I’m grateful that students trust me enough and get along with me well enough that they want to spend their off period in my room.


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