AP Review: Stages 2 and 3

AP Review Stage 1 is the review project. You can read more about that here. They make a binder with notes on all the major topics.

That was due about two weeks ago, so we’re into AP Review Stages 2 and 3. They’re concurrent, but they focus on two different things.

Review Stage 2 is to ensure that they know the things from the project. I give them a blank copy of “Stuff You Must Know COLD” and have them fill it out for homework. (You can find it here.) Then we do a unit circle quiz – they don’t realize how much they’ve forgotten. Then we do two stuff you must know cold quizzes. It’s a quiz a week from here until the AP exam, just to give them some accountability for their studying. We had a couple of quizzes yesterday, and I don’t think they were thrilled with their grades. Hopefully that’ll help them to focus. I have seen their copies of the handout a lot, though, as they get them out to review them. Which is good. And that’s Review Stage 2.

Review Stage 3 is to make sure they know how to use those things that they’ve just committed to memory. At an AP summer training, the presenter had split up the main AP topics into several different categories: area/volume, graphical analysis, contextual questions, differential equations, tabular questions, related rates, motion, and miscellaneous. (It’s entirely possible she’d taken this from Lin McMullin. See more here.) I give them a packet of 6 AP problems for each topic, and we do a topic a day. I let them choose if they want to work together or in groups, and they get as far as they can in class. The rest they finish for homework. I give them the scoring guides, too, so they can check their work and score as they go. I give keys to all of the homework throughout the year, so by know they know how to use this to study and check themselves instead of just copying.

Because this is mostly them working, I hardly need a whiteboard. Yesterday, I took them outside and let them work there. I did grab a mini whiteboard in case I needed it, but I was able to talk everyone through problems without actually writing anything down. They actually focused better outside, which surprised me. It may have just been the novelty, but I’ll have to keep that in mind for the future.

Calculus Outside 3

We also do a mock exam, and discuss that, which helps focus things as we get closer to the end. That was yesterday, and you can read more about it here.

How are we so close to the exam? Where did this year go?


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