Math Club!

I have the best students. No, no, I know you like yours. And I’m sure they’re great and all. Sweet, thoughtful, etc. But mine are just plain awesome. A few weeks ago, a student emailed me this:

I’ve been thinking that maybe in order to help get kids for their standardized testing and maybe TAPPS events we could form a sort of club where we could e-mail out tests or work on new methods of solving problems or things like that? I have a few kids who are interested and their parents are willing to help out, so I was wondering if you could help us make it official with the school and help lead it? As a group we could all go to TAPPS together and take tests there as a team, and also meet maybe once a month. Potentially, I think we could even start tutoring as a group which would be really cool!

My most recent email from her concluded thusly:

I will, and thank you for helping me see this through!

Again, thank you so much!

To clarify, this student

  1. wants to start a math club,
  2. has recruited other students,
  3. has a plan for what this should look like,
  4. wants to tutor, and
  5. is thanking me for helping her.

How can I not love this child?

So, we’ve been emailing about specifics for the last few weeks, and I got a budget from the administration. I put together a handout for meet-the-teacher night, and I may ask my student to make a poster.

Current plans:

  1. Join Mu Alpha Theta. (It seems like the thing to do…)
  2. Go through Crossing the River With Dogs, more or less. (Discuss a different strategy every month, and give problems to play with at home?)
  3. Compete in the AMC 10/12.
  4. Do other competitions (TAPPS, Rocket City Math League, etc.)

Questions for the world:

  1. Why join Mu Alpha Theta? I plan on it, but I’m not totally sure what the benefit is, other than putting it on a college application.
  2. What do you do in your math clubs?
  3. What math competitions do you compete in? This is high school, so no MathCounts.

Most of what I’m currently planning on is inspired by Kate Nowak’s post here. My choice of book to go with is definitely inspired by her.

Between this, Quiz Bowl, and the Spanish club, my school gets three new academic clubs before. Last year we had zero. Now we have three. Yay for non-athletic extracurriculars!

One more day until I meet my students. 🙂


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