Year Four, Day One

It’s the first day of school!

I don’t start my year with lots of get to know you activities. I feel like they’re too young for my kids, and they feel artificial. I just want to get down to the math. (Although at the end of the week, I may ask them to write down one thing they want me to know on their exit ticket. We’ll see.)

I start by praying. Then I tell them that they can find the test dates for the year on the back of the syllabus. We hit the high points of my handout on grading policies and expectations, but I don’t read it to them. Then we start doing math. It’s how all my college profs did it, and it just feels right. It makes the first day feel like every other day – working, learning – and establishes the culture of the classroom and all my norms right away.

Plenty of other thoughts on today, what this year will be like, and how tired I am, but the main thing on my mind is this: it was really, really good to see students again. I was pretty mopy last week about some personal stuff, and today I just can’t be. I love our kids, and it was so good to be with them and teach them today. Our kids are fun, and I am honored that I get to pour into them. I’m blessed and grateful.


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