Character Day and Review

Today was review day. I love review day, because I answer a few questions and then give them study time with practice problems. They had fewer questions than usual today, so they got to spend more time on practice problems, so I got to spend more time wandering the room, sitting down, and helping people who needed it.

Also, I actually got to sit down and help them, instead of just standing over their shoulder. It changed the dynamic a bit and made me more accessible somehow. I got to connect in a different way with some really great kids.


I built an activity on Desmos! My first one. And I gave it to my kids for review, and someone even said, “This was really helpful!”


I sent an email to a parent about something a young man (I just can’t call him a kid! He’s too mature!) said in class last week that was really great. It made the mom’s day, because normally she gets emails about how her son goofed up. The young man mentioned it in class today, how he thought he was in trouble but he wasn’t. It’s fun to get to affirm the ones who are a little rougher around the edges.


This is homecoming week, so every day is themed. All of the kids were dressed up like movie characters; each house chose a movie and went for it. The ones who did Peter Pan were adorable – the senior in pajamas and a top hat, and the freshmen in a onesy with a teddy bear. Love these kids and their playfulness.

Ok, that was a lot, but it was a good day!


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