Cookies and Filters

Calculus and I have a running joke that their grades are higher if I grade when I’m in a better mood – as a friend of mine says, “Don’t grade angry!” – and I’m in a better mood when I eat cookies.

Calculus had a test today, and a student showed up with a gallon-sized bag for me filled with chocolate chip cookies. At least two dozen. Possibly three.

I love these kids.


I have one student who says everything that comes into his head. We’ve talked about his need to filter his thoughts several times this week. Today, he caught himself as he was about to make a very crude joke and said, “No, wait, that needs to be filtered.” I was enormously proud of him.


One of my quiz bowl students came into my room at lunch.

“Hi. What’s up?” I asked him, wondering why on earth he was here.

“Hey, do you want to play quiz bowl online with me?” he asked.

He set up the chat room while I got my lunch, and we just answered trivia questions online for a good half hour over lunch while we ate. It was really fun. He knows a lot of random things!


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