One Good Thing: Copies, Rewriting Lessons Plans, and Former Students

My school has a number of parent volunteers who come in to make our copies. All I have to do is send them an email with the documents I need copied attached and tell them how many copies I need and any special directions (double-sided or single-sided, stapled, hole-punched, etc.) I need a stack of copies every week that’s about a foot high, so having someone else do this for me is wonderful. Also, when I do card sorts or games in class, they will make the copies, cut them up, stack them into decks, and laminate them for me. I’ve done this once or twice, and gave up when it got time to laminating.

So, yesterday, I got to come home and send a few emails to copy this morning, instead of hanging out in the teacher workroom yesterday, standing in line for the copier, and waiting for the machine to chug through all my copies.


Because of some changes in the school calendar, I have an extra day to cover rational functions this year! This is very much needed, and I really needed to overhaul my rational functions lessons anyways; I was the least satisfied with them of everything I did all year.

So, I’m thinking through them today and rewriting my notes. There were several times I was making things harder than they needed to be, so it’s good to see that. But even better, my own understanding of rational functions is being challenged. “Hmm, I wrote that in my notes…is that true? What if that happens? I’m not sure that’s right…”.

It’s fun to learn.


I got to catch up with a former student today, which I enjoyed tremendously. The Apostle John wrote, “I have no greater joy than to see that my children are walking in the truth.” My students are my kids, and I love them to pieces. It made me so happy to see that this one in particular is doing well.


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