Ok, I’ll buy that

So, students read my blog. After last week’s post on blank stares, several of them explained their feelings about me being present to not-answer questions.

Student 1, on Friday: “It’s not that you answer the question. But when look at me, I see in your eyes that you know I can do this. That makes me believe that I can do it.”

Student 2, with help from Student 1, today: “It’s not really you. It’s just helpful to talk it out.”

Me: “So, it’s just the external processing? Could you just write down your thinking?”

“No, it has to be talking. And we can’t talk during a test, but if you’re here, and we’re asking you a question, then we can.”

Those are both things that make sense to me. Confidence, and external processing. Of course, most of their college professors are not going to indulge them on this, so what we need here is a way for them to meet those needs without my involvement.

Still, those are  both good explanations that make sense.




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