Small Bites

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Throughout the year, I tweak my curriculum a bit – move a day here or there because of calendar changes, add or rework or remove problems. This means I’m rewriting the keys as the year goes on.

But I do a lot of other things during the school year, also, so this job is never done as fully as it deserves. I don’t get to sit down and rework whole units, add Desmos activities, or the like. I’ve seen some really creative ideas over the last few years, and I can drip in a few of them, but not flood them in like I want to. Now, I think what I have is good. I just think it could be better.

So, one of my goals this summer is to rework everything and really get it hammered into shape. Incorporate Desmos, reverse the question, raise the ceiling, lower the floor, notice and wonder more. For my entire curriculum. And have the keys written. And do all the other things on my summer list, like STEM improvement and have coffee with friends and get some sleep and sew a lot. Oh, and figure out what I’m doing for Computer Science next year, because I’m teaching Computer Science next year, too.

And, of course, that means that I’m looking for resources. Reading new blogs, digging through Desmos teacher activities, looking at 3-Acts, hopping around Underground Mathematics and NRich.

What the online mathematical community has created is amazing. There are a million resources that are just. so. good. Guys, you rock. I don’t have to create new things; I’m looking to modify and adapt and incorporate your awesome things into what I’ve already created. But it’s also a little overwhelming. I feel like I’ve sat down in front of an elephant.

So, one bite at a time. Triage: Precal first (because it’s more students and needs more work), then Calculus. Rewrite assignments and lesson plans, then tests. Work on the units that need the most help first. Save the keys for later. Curriculum map last.

And if I don’t finish the whole thing…well, there’s always Christmas break.


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